Lose a tooth Have it Replaced The same day!!

Lose a tooth Have it Replaced The same day!!
If you lose a tooth, you can possible have it replaced that same day. Same day tooth replacement with temporary crown, is now available at Dental Master Specialized Dental clinic. If you have an unfortunate accident, or need urgent Dental Care,   Dr.Malisar and her Dental implant team are ready to help!! You can feel relief that there are reliable dental options you can trust…

1 Lose a tooth
2 Lose a tooth
3 Lose a tooth

4. Temporary Crown – Same day replacement with Temporary Crown
Temporary Crown
5. Final crown
Final crown
This Photo shows the surgical guide in place and the site for implant being prepared. We remove the fracture tooth carefully to retain as much bone and gum as possible. A sterile saline solution is used for irrigation to prevent damage to the bone.
During this time we take radiographs to ensure accuracy of implant placement. Next, the implant is slowly inserted into the prepared site. The implant is now in place and as this tooth is in the anterior region, a temporary tooth has been made at the same appointment.
before & after
As you see from “before & after” photo, the new tooth looks identical to the original
We use the most modern implant equipment and our more than 15 years experience allows most patients to have fixed teeth fitted on the same day!!

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